R. Andrew Lee

Santa Monica Public Library

with Seth Colter Walls, cello
music by Michael Vincent Waller

Canadian Music Centre

Music by Cecilia Livingston, Adrian Knight, Anthony Genge, Marti Epstein, and Ann Southam

Manhattan Loft Concert

Stolen Moments, Visages I & V, and for Papa · Michael Vincent Waller
lines · Eva-Maria Houben
American Etudes 2 & 5 · Marti Epstein
Nettuno e Tritone · Caterina Venturelli
Breathing Trajectories · Michael Vincent Waller
Returnings II: A Meditation · Ann Southam

Regis University Concert

4 piano pieces · Anastassis Phililppakopoulos
lines · Eva-Maria Houben
2 Piano Pieces (1983) · Michael Jon Fink

be still

by Ryan Keebaugh

Frequency Festival, Chicago

Three Preludes · Leah Kardos
Remembering Schubert · Ann Southam
Sonatina · James Sellars
Obsessions · Adrian Knight

Gallery345, Toronto

Fantasia No. 5, Lumen de Lumine · Constantine Caravassilis
Soundings for a New Piano · Ann Southam
An Hour for Piano · Tom Johnson

Diastole House, Kansas City

Simple Lines of Enquiry · Ann Southam

pianist, alone

by Jürg Frey

The Book of Sounds

by Hans Otte

The Time Curve Preludes, Book 1

by William Duckworth

The Time Curve Preludes, Book 2

by William Duckworth

12 Klavierstücke

by Jürg Frey

Metamorphosis, 1-5

by Philip Glass